Friday, January 4, 2013

Brain Energy

Have people told you that your brain has strengths and weaknesses? There is another way to look at this. I avoid using those terms, especially since many people grew up being told to: "Work hard to improve your weaknesses." Every normally-functioning brain can do pretty much everything it needs to do in life--at some level. Based on its innate energy advantage, however, there will be activities that require significantly more energy to accomplish. Part of successful living involves figuring out your brain's relative energy expenditures for a variety of different activities. When you know this, you can make more informed choices about the amounts of time you devote to specific activities. It's not rocket science here. Endeavor to minimize activities that drain your brain and strive to match 51% of your overall life's activities with what your brain does energy efficiently. This can impact your success, wellness, and perhaps even your longevity.

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