Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to Your Brain

Today marks the start of another calendar year with its typical hype toward making resolutions. In many cases it's an exercise in futility. Partly because people often make unrealistic resolutions or make too many of them at one time or make them knowing they're going to let them slide (usually sooner than later). Try a new style this year. Maybe something as simple as, "Every morning I identify one thing for which I am grateful." That's not only doable but also it’s good for your brain and immune system. Studies have shown that it is physiologically impossible to be fearful and anxious when you are grateful for something. Fear and gratitude are mutually exclusive states. This doesn’t mean you deny that bad things happen to good people. It does mean you can train your brain to look for the silver lining rather than fixating on the dark clouds. Pick one resolution that is realistic, doable, and will be helpful to your brain. And choose to have a happy year, beginning with a Happy New Year's day!

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