Saturday, January 12, 2013

What's Your Aptitude?

Have you discovered your own innate aptitude? No one is good at everything and yet most are gifted at something. Without the right opportunities, however, you may not have discovered it yet. What do you love to do? Those who have discovered what they love to do and have found a way to earn a living doing it, often describe themselves as lucky, while those who have not yet discovered their own natural abilities often say they’ve been unlucky. According to Dr. Ken Robinson, however, although accident and randomness play some part in everybody’s lives, there’s far more to luck than pure chance. High achievers often share similar attitudes: perseverance, self-belief, optimism, ambition, and frustration. How you perceive your circumstances, how you create opportunities and whether or not you embrace depends largely on what you expect of yourself. Sometimes others can help you recognize your real talents; sometimes you can help others to discover theirs. What do you love to do?

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