Friday, May 9, 2014

Asperger Syndrome - 5

Difficulty with social imagination: People with Asperger syndrome can be imaginative in the conventional use of the word. Many are accomplished musicians, artist, and writers. However, they tend to have difficulty guessing what other people are thinking or even what and how much they know. This can include difficulty:

  • Predicting what might happen next in a given situation or imagining alternative outcomes to situations 
  • Understanding or interpreting other people's feelings or actions, missing the subtle messages that are transmitted by facial expression and body language

  •  Imagining how something can be changed or playing “let’s pretend” games or doing things spontaneously
 When possible, provide routines in everyday activities while also offering something new and different to experience—in small doses. With encouragement, interests and skills can be developed so that people with Asperger syndrome can study or work in their favourite subjects.

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