Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dealing with Autism - 3

More  examples of strategies that parents have reported as being helpful (depending, of course, on symptoms the child exhibits).

13.  Their skin may be very sensitive to touch. Clothing, bath towels, bed sheets, and other materials may feel either soothing or distracting against their skin. Ask them what types of fabric feel best against their skin and do your best to provide those.

24. The child may learn best when moving. This can be especially true for little boys. Provide them with an environment in which they can move around while learning. When they must sit quietly, give them a soft, quiet, toy to squeeze so there is some muscle movement. Teach in short bursts of information with frequent breaks.

   5. Always provide direction using short, positive phrases and sentences. If the child’s behaviour needs to change, say “stop,” and then tell the child what to want to have happen. Avoid telling them what NOT to do and tell them what to do.

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