Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dealing with Autism - 2

Early interventions can help teach strategies for success to children with autism. Following are examples of strategies that parents have reported as being helpful (depending, of course, on symptoms the child exhibits).

1   1. Fluorescent lights may bother these children. They are often very sensitive to sounds and the hum the lights make can be distracting if not outright painful. In addition, the flickering light can make it seem as if objects in the environment are actually moving. Use incandescent lights or the new natural-light tubes.

2.    2. Voice sounds may be difficult for these children to handle. Ask them which voice volume feels better to their brain. Give them several examples of voice decibel levels and endeavour to use the one that works best for them. If music, radio, or TV sounds are too loud, try providing soft earplugs, which dampen decibel levels but still permit hearing.

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