Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dealing with Autism - 4

1 More strategies that parents have reported as being helpful in dealing with children along the Autism spectrum (depending, of course, on symptoms the child exhibits).
  6. Provide unconditional love and acceptance even as you help them learn appropriate behaviors and they can learn.  Explain that every brain has some challenges, including yours and theirs, and that you are working with them to address and manage those challenges and will teach them those strategies.

  7.  Laugh a lot and play with the child. Help the child ENJOY life and have fun. Learning is enhanced when negativity is replaced with positivity, when there is laughter and acceptance. Boys especially connect through humor and jokes. Learn to tell simple jokes appropriate for their age and encourage them to tell you jokes. Choose to laugh at them and reinforce their efforts to connect.

  8.The child will be sensitive to your mindset, mood, and electromagnetic energy and will   this regardless of the words you use. If you are upset, avoid touching the child as he/she will feel your negative energy. Choose to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and that will result in positive electromagnetic energy.

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