Monday, May 26, 2014

Back from Australia

Happy Memorial Day! Today I am remembering many people, as no doubt you are. I am looking at pictures taken recently on my sixth lecture tour to Australia and remembering that country and it wonderful people, too. In Coff's Harbor, Susan Magaitis showed me "The Big Banana" and then arranged to have me kissed by a seal and a dolphin (I'm working on getting those pictures posted somewhere soon.) In Brisbane, Rob and Susanne Belosev toured me though the "gold coast." In Cooranbong, Linnie Pohan took me out in the bush to see wild kangaroos (some of them are HUGE), and Dr. Robyn Priestly and I had a lovely lunch and a visit to some very colorful gardens, even if it was in their fall season. (Actually, it felt a bit strange to come home to spring.) Bob and Angie Kalif took Rina, Kym, and me out for a special lunch at "Noah's By the Sea." And I could go on and on . . . Dr. Wayne French and his wife Marie drove me to the Sydney airport to catch my flight home. On the way we stopped at a studio to record a short interview for TV. Here's the link in case you'd like to check it out:

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