Friday, May 23, 2014

Obesity and ...5

Prevention is so much easier than cure when it comes to obesity. Yes, people can lose weight and it takes mindset, intention, new habits, willpower, and persistence. Based on emerging research, what is one of the most significant steps parents could take for themselves and for their children? Drop most energy drinks, sports drinks, sodas, and diet sodas. Drink pure clear water. If you make your beverage water only, in a matter of about 21 days your taste-buds and brain will be well on their way to adjusting to the change. And when maintained, body weight adjusts, as well. Tips for success:

·         Toss out sodas or other drinks made with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweetener. If you prefer bottled water to tap, keep a supply on hand. It's easier to grab on the go.
·         Focus your thoughts on what you are doing (drinking water) and stop thinking about what you are not doing. Use your willpower to follow through on your new plan rather than wallowing in a sense of deprivation.

·         Buddy up with family members and friends who are on the same journey. Social support can be amazing in helping you stay on your path together. Exercise and drink water together. Weigh once a week and enjoy the progress you are making together.

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