Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FoMo to JoJi

Last year I blogged on Australia’s first study about FoMo (Fear of Missing out) that was commissioned by viagogo. You may recall that 70 per cent of Australians, reported they have experienced FoMo and they’re most likely to be women or members of Gen-Y. What’s the most common cause of FoMo? Missing out on tickets to a sports or musical event (25 percent), hearing a friend has bought property or made a financial investment or got a promotion or new job. (22 percent). And this is startling: Facebook is the worst culprit for triggering this ‘missing out’ phenomenon. Nearly 5,000,000 Australians say they experienced FoMo after using Facebook. I was thinking about an achronym that would be the opposite of FoMo when a reader suggested JOJI, the Joy of Joining in. That could work—when you are choosing to join in and doing so in defrazzlement.

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