Thursday, January 14, 2016

What IS so Bad?

My answer would have been: Nothing if you’re designed to be ‘big.’ However, if you are not designed to be ‘big,’ and you want to live a long time with high levels of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health; and you want to delay the onset of some symptoms of growing older; and you want to hang onto your mental marbles (so to speak), then ‘big’ may not be so beautiful. That question and others like it basically underpinned the reason that I and my co-authors wrote Longevity Lifestyle matters—Keeping Your Brain, Body, and weight in the Game along with the Companion Notebook and the children’s version The Longevity Mystery Club (that I just recorded as an audiobook). If you want to get your weight into an optimum range and desire to live a long time—I’m aiming for 122 years 164 days—my best recommendation is to get on board with a Longevity Lifestyle. Over the next few blogs I’ll give you a few researched reasons to take another look at ‘big is beautiful.’ Starting with ‘dieting’ doesn’t work.

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