Thursday, January 7, 2016

One Ounce at a Time

Up or down, weight creeps along deceptively slowly. Living a Longevity Lifestyle is not about obsessively counting calories or about deprivation. It is about living in mindful awareness of how what you do today impacts you in the future. You think you’re hungry? First ask yourself, ‘How long is it since I ate?’ If it was 4-5 hours ago, your body may need food physiologically. If it was 2 hours ago you may be in the habit of ‘grazing,’ or you may be ‘thirsty’ (or bored or upset or distracted). Drink a big glass of water and pay attention to the way you feel in 30 minutes. Many children were fed when they were thirsty and so never really learned to tell the difference between being hungry and thirsty. The good news about pure water is that it is calorie-free and does not trigger your digestive system. Put a little lemon in your glass of water if you’re training yourself to like the taste. (Of water!)

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