Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Went to Your Waist

I’m already getting emails from individuals who really ‘enjoyed’ year-end celebrations and just now, having stepped on the scales, have ‘freaked out,’ as one writer put it. Truth be told it is very easy to fail to manage portion sizes during celebrations periods and/or to ingest foods that are not part of one’s regular menu, especially if there’s a lot going on and you’re paying little attention to what you’re actually putting into your mouth and swallowing. The bad news is that many people gain at least a pound or slightly under half a kilogram during year-end celebrations. Then they fail to take it off, gain a pound the following year, and so on—until one January the scales say they are 15 or 20 pounds heavier than when their clothes fit less snugly. Weight is something that can creep up on you an ounce at a time. The good news is that is how you get back into your optimum weight range again, one ounce at a time.

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