Wednesday, May 2, 2018

EQ Behavior – 3

Individuals with high levels of EQ skills tend to exhibit the following behavior quite consistently.

They are able to delay gratification and exhibit good impulse control. Note: you may find it interesting to read the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment and ask yourself what you would have done had you been a participant in the original study? In 2011, brain imaging studies were done on a sample number from the original Stanford participant group, all now in mid-life. Studies showed key differences in two brain areas when comparing participants with high delay times against those who had shown low delay times. In those with high delay times the prefrontal cortex (planning, evaluating, deciding, and choosing) was more active. In addition, the Ventral Striatum (linked with addictions and a function of association learning) was more active when participants were trying to control their responses to alluring temptations. Activity was greatest when the individuals expected to be rewarded for their decision with high certainty.

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