Friday, April 26, 2019

Dangling Participles

Dangling participles can be found everywhere, even in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I find them very funny. Here some examples along with what makes them grammatically incorrect.

Speeding through the tunnel, the station came into view. [The station is not speeding through the tunnel.]

Thrown into the air, the dog raced after the stick. [The dog was not thrown into the air.]

She handed out brownies to the children stored in plastic containers. [Children were not stored in plastic containers.]

Forgetting all about shattered glass, the weather was great at the beach. [The weather was not forgetting about shattered glass.]

Oozing slowly across the floor, Marvin watched the salad dressing. [Marvin was not oozing slowly across the floor.]

Making my bed, the stuffed animals were on the floor. [Animals were not making the bed.]

Wishing for a pony, the farm was a magical place for me. [The farm was not wishing for a pony.]

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