Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Success Quotient

In combination, your IQ and your EQ make up your Success Quotient or SQ. The Success Quotient describes one’s overall success based on stereotypical measures—and is believed a factor in health as well as longevity. SQ describes the contribution to your overall success in life of IQ plus EQ. They do not contribute equally, however.

·       IQ contributes about 20 percent
·       EQ contributes about 80 percent 

Work-place studies have shown that successful managers tend to average IQs but high EQ, while less successful managers often have high IQs but low EQ. Top performers in life tend to use both IQ and EQ in harmony, knowing they can raise their IQ to some degree, but that raising their EQ—as there is no ceiling for EQ skills as far as is currently known—is their “ace in the hole” for success personally and professionally. Success, of course, also includes their level of wellness and their potential lifespan.

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