Tuesday, April 23, 2019


IQ or Intelligence Quotient describes a level of inherited potential academic intelligence. It is a range of mental faculties that you get from your biological parents. It is believed possible to raise one’s IQ from 5 – 30 points, depending on the starting point. EQ or Emotional Intelligence describes a set of learned skills distinct from, but complementary to, academic intelligence (IQ measure). EQ is not “emotions” but rather a method of managing them successfully on a consistent basis. This set of learned skills can assist you in:

  1. Identifying what feels good, what feels bad, and how to get from bad to good in a way that results in positive outcomes
  2. Recognizing each of the four core emotions (joy, anger, fear, and sadness) quickly and accurately
  3. Obtaining the information the emotion is attempting to move from subconscious to conscious awareness
  4. Exhibiting actions and behaviors that tend to result in positive outcomes
5. Managing your feelings more effectively

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