Friday, April 19, 2019

Inflammation Stategies

Creating and following a longevity lifestyle can help prevent and/or mediate some of the symptoms of chronic inflammation. Getting adequate sleep, developing strategies for managing negative stress, staying active and exercising on a regular basis, developing a good support system, making time for play and relaxation, and learning to laugh—a lot, avoid smoking, etc. In terms of food, it means avoiding sodas and surgery drinks in favor of drinking adequate amounts of pure water so as to avoid dehydration. It means moving toward a Mediterranean style cuisine that uses fresh and whole fruits and vegetables prepared in as natural state as possible. Cut down on red meats and minimize alcohol intake. Developing new strategies does take time but it ‘beats the living daylights out of living with chronic inflammatory diseases,’ as one couple put it. Little by little, every small change can result in higher levels of wellness and a potential increase in one’s lifespan.

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