Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Brain Quadrants & Energy

Understanding a bit about the brain may help you understand the concept of multipotentialism and the types of brain “bent” that might align with each. The cerebrum is divided by natural fissures into four chunks of tissue. They all work together, however, it is believed that most (if not all) human brains have an energy advantage in one of these four chunks over the other three. Research by Richard Haier has shown that this energy advantage involves a reduced resistance to the transfer of information across the “synapse” or space between neurons. It is significant, estimated to be 1/100 of the energy required for the same process in the other three quadrants. This drawing illustrates the four cerebral chunks and I have assigned a label for each based on a key brain function led by that quadrant—less confusing for those of who tend to easily mix up left and right. 

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