Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Conformation Bias, 3

The effect of Confirmation Bias may be strongest for deeply entrenched beliefs, for desired outcomes, and for emotionally charged issues. Beliefs are tricky concepts. Your brain creates your beliefs from what you are taught and from what you learned—two different things. This may include cellular memory from biological ancestors, role-modeling by adults around you, interactions with people you admire or don’t, your own life experiences, what you watch on TV and movies, what you read, what political or religious leaders tell you, what scientists report from studies, what those you hang out with the most think and believe, and so on. Once beliefs are firmly entrenched, they can strengthen your brain’s bias assessments along with your resulting choices, and behaviors. Anger or fear for something that is “different” may surface when that might not otherwise have been the case. New information can be ignored or discarded. More tomorrow.

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