Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Specialists tend to be those who excel in one specific area, often attaining world-class status. Individuals tend to excel within the quadrant that possesses their energy advantage. Starting from the top left and moving counterclockwise, let's treview stereotypical leadership characteristics for each quadrant. These include: 

Prioritizers: Exhibit an authoritarian leadership style and excel in being in charge and delegating. Competitive, they want to “win.” Tend to use time well and generally make money, especially in a stable economy.

Maintainers: Exhibit a status-quo leadership style. They excel at storing and retrieving data accurately, meeting deadlines, and following rules and regulations correctly.

Harmonizers: Exhibit an accommodating leadership style. Attempt to avoid conflict and controversy, facilitating collaboration harmony. They have high concerns for people (less for results, quotas, budget compliance)

Envisioners: Exhibit an entrepreneurial leadership style. Have high concerns for problem-solving, innovation, and trending, (less for routines, details, status quo). Facilitate inventing, birthing a project, and moving quickly at the cutting-edge margin of an idea 

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