Thursday, September 24, 2020


Multipotentialists tend to excel in two or more different fields. It may be in an field hat is orchestrated by a quadrant beside the one that represents their innate brain "bent." They may do one thing initially, and once they learn everything they want to know in that field, may find it no longer challenging. They enthusiastically branch out into a spin-off field and learn that genre. After a time they may branch out again. They are usually described as individuals of strong intellect and/or artistic curiosity. This can sometimes be seen in individuals who do one thing well during their career. After retirement, they become involved in something quite different and may spend 20 or more years excelling in that area. Unfortunately, an industrial society sometimes looks down on Multipotentialists, asserting that they lack “stick-to-itiveness” or “can’t make up their minds,” or are “unstable.” It does happen, however, that excellence in one area can make a great contribution to a different arena, helping it move forward successfully, because no one brain knows everything. 

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