Wednesday, September 9, 2020

IBD-Dementia link, 2


he gut is being referred to as your 2nd brain. It is now believed to contain as many thinking cells—neurons—as are in your brain, if not more. Granted, gut neurons do not “think” consciously in the same way as do brain neurons. However, gut neurons are continually communicating with brain neurons over the vagus nerve, said to be the longest and perhaps most complex nerve in your body. Some believe that the wisest decisions are made with a combination of input from the brain, heart, and gut (e.g., ‘a gut feeling’). First author Dr Bing Zhang, reportedly said that their research does suggest that there may be a connection between IBD and neurocognitive decline. It is too early to tell if IBD causes cognitive decline but there appears to be a link between the two. Chronic inflammation may trigger processes involved in dementia and/or disruptions to the microbiome in the gut. More tomorrow.

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