Monday, September 28, 2020


I grew up being told by parents, teachers, and other adults to “stop daydreaming and get down to business!” I really tried to stop daydreaming and nothing worked. I have felt guilt during these 50+ years because my brain still wanted to do it. Is there something wrong with my brain?  What’s the deal here?

 Many human beings will likely be able to relate to your experience and could tell a similar story—unfortunately. “You a such a daydreamer—get working!” was NOT a compliment or an encouragement to problem solve or use the creativity that is built in the brain and that needs to be honed. Daydreaming functions appear to be built into the human brain. However, like many other functions, it needs to be used and honed. II compare it to being born with innate musical ability but never doing anything with that. The “deal” is that there is definitely a time to pay attention in the present moment and there is definitely a time to daydream. Many of the world's greatest scientists, inventors, writers, playwrights, and artists in almost any genre knew how or know how to use daydreaming to their advantage. 

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