Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Blue Light Waves Protection

Blue light waves from the sun are here to stay—at least for the foreseeable future. Blue light waves from electronics are here to stay, too, and more types of electronics are being invented. It is possible to enjoy the benefits of sunlight—and you couldn’t live without it—and benefit from electronics and still minimize the hazards. Consider:

1.    When out in bright sun wear dark glasses (along with a hat when at the beach or out in the middle of the day) to help reduce the blue waves that reach the retina

When using electronics: 

            ·         Look “up and away” into the distance every few minutes

·         Consciously blink more frequently

·         Stay well hydrated to help keep eyeballs moisturized

·         Use blue-light-blocking glasses or screens to reduce the blue waves that reach the retina

·         Get up and move around for a couple of minutes every 30 minutes of screen time

            ·         Create and live a balanced lifestyle that includes disconnecting from electronics 

                 for some period every day 

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