Friday, October 9, 2020

Sleep & Electronics

I read somewhere that electronics should not be kept in the bedroom. What is that all about? I fall asleep with the TV on every night! Couldn’t go to sleep without it. What’s the problem?

 There are studies that show a link between electronics in the bedroom and restless or lower quality sleep. The recommendation is to keep all electronics out of the bedroom. Period. If you take your mobile phone into the bedroom, turn it off when you go to bed. Studies have shown that people who used mobile devices late at night were more depleted the next morning and less engaged at work. Another study found that people who responded to text messages or other alerts after they had turned in for the night had poorer sleep quality, which in turn predicted symptoms of anxiety and depression. Loss of sleep or poor sleep quality will not help one cope with the conditions on Planet Earth, much less risk an increase in anxiety and depression. Researchers say that filters in human eye such as the cornea and the lens do not block natural or artificial blue light from reaching the retina. Wearing blue-light-blocking glasses when you do use electronics can be important and helpful. 

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