Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Generational Diabetes


Diabetes has run in our family for several generations. Am I doomed to develop diabetes?

 Not necessarily. Nature or genetics is estimated to account for about 30% of how long and how well you live. Some genetic pieces are a done deal: your eye and hair color (which you can change with eye contacts and by bleaching or dying your hair). Your height and bone size, not so much. Your IQ is a range so you can potentially raise your IQ by 5-30 points if you want to work on it. Other genetic pieces predispose you to certain things or increase your risk for them happening but do force that to happen, Enter Epigenetics, meaning above genetics, which encompasses everything that is not genetics including lifestyle. Finding out what types of lifestyle choices increase or decrease your risk, and choosing those that decrease your risk can even impact your genetic disposition. Meaning, building a lifestyle that includes choices that have been shown to help lower a risk of diabetes can definitely work in your favor.

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