Monday, October 26, 2020

Nursing Home or Retirement Center

I keep hearing news items about nursing homes where there are lots of infections. I need a place for my parents where they can get meals fixed for them. Is it safe to go into such a place?

 I applaud you for recognizing your parents need some help. Avoiding painting all facilities with the same brush just because some are run better than others. Do your parents need a Nursing Home or just a Retirement Center? Nursing home differ from Retirement Centers. Many residents of Nursing Homes are already compromised with relatively serious underlying medical conditions. They can easily pick up viruses and can become very sick. If your parents primarily need meals prepared for them, then you might consider a Retirement Center.

If you are considering a Retirement Center get the facts: How many cases of infections have they had, if any? What precautions do they have in place? It actually may be safer in terms of exposure during an epidemic or pandemic since even meals are provided with many other amenities that mean your parents would not even have to leave the facility except for perhaps doctor’s appointments. Check it out and make an informed decision. 

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