Thursday, October 22, 2020

Preventable Dementia


Recently I heard someone say that some dementia is preventable and some is even reversible. Is that really possible?

Studies suggest that this is true. Some dementia is believed due to a lazy brain. What is a lazy brain? Sitting in front of the TV for 12 hours a day, for example. When you watch TV you are passively picturing what another brain created. failing to take time to regularly challenge and stimulate your brain, is another. Reading, playing games, listening to audiobooks, doing crossword or jig saw puzzles require active mental picturing and that keeps the neuron pathways in the brain better able to transmit information, with small spaces or synapses between neurons. If you regularly challenge and stimulate your brain, you may prevent dementia related to lazy brain. And/or you may extend the time before dementia sets in. A lazy brain that starts challenging itself—if caught in time—can often prevent this type of dementia.

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