Friday, October 23, 2020

Family Health Issues

My family has some pretty serious health issues and I've picked up some bad habits. Is it ever too late to get serious about your health?

I try to avoid saying never. What studies suggest about health and longevity is that the brain and immune system would likely prefer you to be healthy because they do not like to be sick . . . it puts everything out of balance. Health falls slowly—the Immune System tries hard to keep things going. Eventually, however, if the bad habits are linked with serious health issues, the Immune System may fail. Sometimes it may be rebuilt but that takes a lot of time. Some estimate a month for every year of bad habits that suppressed immune system function.

So, my response would be, congratulations in recognizing that health issues can result from bad habits. Start now to build better health habits that research has shown helps support the Immune System—before long you may surprise even yourself. 

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