Thursday, October 1, 2020

Daydreaming & Creativity

Daydreaming is linked with creativity. Einstein reportedly used it frequently. Unfortunately, when watching TV and movies, the brain is “passively picturing” what another brain created—which may be decreasing creativity in children. To flourish, the brain requires “active mental picturing” ¾the brain is actually creating ideas and solutions and not just processing what another brain created. Studies have shown that both excessive screen time and drug use can reduce the amount of gray matter in the frontal cortex, located directly behind the forehead. This can stunt creativity as well as slow the development of Emotional Intelligence skills. From an interview with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg TV, Mark Cuban of Shark Tank fame has been quoted as saying that the future is creativity. He believes that the future is not about data scientists or soft-ware writers, but individuals who excel at creative and critical thinking. That is where the jobs will be. 

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