Thursday, December 25, 2014

May Your Brain and Your Heart . . .

Recently I returned from Hawaii where this holiday season is sort of an oxymoron for someone who grew up in Canada. There the holiday season was always white: Jack Frost painting the windows, and more white than you might imagine piled higher and deeper along streets and driveways and hanging from wires and tree branches. And blue! The sky between storms and my fingers if I forgot gloves to say nothing of frozen breath on my scarf. (I loved listening to Bing Crosby croon “I’m dreaming of a white . . .”) No need to dream of white in Hawaii. There was plenty of white—snow white orchids. Plenty of red, too, and I’m not talking red-hot lava—gloriously red Poinsettias. Everywhere. Growing naturally. And blue, too. Not fingers or nose but the island sky, until it turned gold and pink and lavender with the setting sun; tree ornaments flung everywhere. It just goes to show that you can celebrate anywhere and enjoy the differences in each environment. My brain loved it in person and still loves it in memory. Get out some of your best memories today. Relive them and love them again. May your brain and your heart celebrate gratefully today!

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