Monday, December 29, 2014

Smart Girls Gifted Women...

Now that Boxing Day is passed, I can turn my brain once more to the mess that is my office. And it is a mess from the 60 seconds of rolling earthquake of August, '14. More books are still on the floor than are on shelves. It's taking longer than might be expected to reshelf them for a couple reasons: I've had other fish to fry such as presenting the last seminars of 2014 and meeting the publishing deadline for the new book (Longevity Lifestyle Matters--Keeping Your Brain, Body, and Weight in the Game). Beyond that, I've not nosed into some of my old book friends for awhile. I'll pick one up off the floor and remember where I got it or the reason I wanted it or what I learned from it. It's the very devil to open the book because invariably my eye will catch something my brain finds interesting and when I next raise my head 35 minutes will have flown away. Ah, well. It's stimulating my brain! It was Dr. Barbara A. Kerr's book I stumbled across yesterday and a page corner was turned over (yes, I do that for important stuff . . .) reminding me of the Kaufmann study of highly gifted girls that Kerr reported in her 1985 book release. More tomorrow.

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