Monday, May 20, 2019

AAA Behaviors – Antidote to JOT

How do you minimize JOT behaviors and build higher levels of EQ skills? By implementing AAA replacement behaviors, of course. Think of AAA as insurance against JOT behaviors, with a high potential for life-side assistance.

Ask questions to clarify—rather than jumping to a conclusion that may be way off base and out in left field

Act calmly as you assess the situation—instead of launching into a reactive emotional tsunami that typically requires cleanup  (broken dishes to broken hearts)

Alter your perception or reframe the event—to avoid taking things personally, recognizing it may have nothing to do with you at all

Two caveats: the brain’s willpower was not designed to stop a bad behavior that tends to result in negative outcomes and that often requires a lot of cleanup. Willpower was designed to help you implement a better behavior that tends to give you positive outcomes. Creating new behaviors takes time and practice AND it can be done.

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