Wednesday, May 1, 2019

EQ & Spirituality

The human brain is at least spiritual, relational, and sexual (which includes aspects of mental, emotional, and social functions); it needs to “grow up” emotionally and spiritually and integrate those functions. Spirituality encompasses the spirit in which you live life, including ethical/moral choices.  It may involve an inner sense of something greater than oneself, the recognition of a meaning to existence that transcends immediate circumstances, a sense of awe, affiliation, vision, or goals to achieve the highest possible levels of brain-body health and wellness (high-level-healthiness). It may/may not involve affiliation with religion. All families and all individuals are damaged—some more than others—trying to serve from a well of unmet needs is unhelpful to the person, as well as to those whom they are trying to serve, and may do far more damage than good.

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