Thursday, September 12, 2019

Brain Bigotry – Common Questions, 2

 What else can bigotry involve?

Bigotry tends to involve underlying issues of anger, lack of knowledge or information, fear,  low levels of Emotional Intelligence, and self-esteem issues that can exacerbate fear and even suppress immune system function  (Note: Self-esteem issues tend to form a circular continuum: abysmally low versus over-inflated. Some are stuck at one position, others rotate between them.) Studies have shown that when children are exposed to people of many different cultures races and cultures, they are less likely to exhibit bigotry UNLESS their families / other adults / cultures teach it to them. Other studies have shown that when children are exposed ONLY to their own culture’s music, in adulthood they are less able to understand and appreciate the music of other cultures in adulthood.

What is the reason some people are more bigoted than others? (more to come)

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