Monday, September 16, 2019

Brain Bigotry – Common Questions, 4

Can you provide more examples?

”Unless you are “vegan” you are destroying yourself and the environment OR if you are carnivorous then vegans are stupid

If you are atheist then “all religions are stupid and the people who embrace them are also stupid” OR if you are aligned with a specific religion then “anyone who isn’t religious as enpoused by “my religion” deserves to die”

If you are politically conservative OR liberal this makes you much less ignorant than those who embrace the opposite position

If you are racist or homophobic then any person who is a different color or anyone with a different sexual preference is evil if not completely depraved.

If you are in power and take this as a “divine right” you may move toward becoming a dictator with absolute authority of the “peons who don’t have any brains.

Can a person become bigoted about anything? (more to come)

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