Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Brain Bullying – Common Questions, 4

So what can one do?

Understand what bullying behaviors look like and stay alert. In adulthood it is important to stay alert to prevent bullying behaviors or deal with them effectively to help protect minors who feel powerless to avoid those behaviors. Teach children to tell you when they experience unpleasant behaviors and make it safe for them to do so. My brain’s opinion is that it is your job to protect both your brain and body¾leased to you for use on this planet¾from the bullying behaviors of others. Understand that bullying can include verbal, emotional, and physical bullying along with almost any other category you can name. Sometimes this involves hard and even painful decisions such as refusing to be around those who exhibit bullying behaviors toward you. Beliefs (and bullying behaviors) can also morph into bigotry.

Bigotry? What does that have to do with beliefs and bullying behaviors? (more to come)

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