Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Sugar and Fruit Juices

“Are Infants and babies really supposed to avoid drinking fruit juices?”

Some recommendations suggest that babies under the age of 12 months should avoid fruit juice altogether in favor of their formula and water. This is due to studies indicating that sugar is a brain toxin. You can easily find various reports of sugar content in fruit juice on the Internet. Here are several examples (one teaspoon of sugar equals about 4 grams):

Tomato juice - 6 grams of sugar in 8 ounces
Fruit punch – 11 grams
Watermelon juice - 12 grams
Grapefruit juice - 17 grams
Unsweetened orange juice – 20 grams
Pomegranate juice – 32 grams
Grape juice - 36 grams 

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