Friday, September 13, 2019

Brain Bigotry – Common Questions, 3

What is the reason some people are more bigoted than others?

Now that is a complex question! In many cases it may reach back to the core emotion of “fear.” Humans with self-esteem issues may tend to be more fearful of the unknown or of anything they do not clearly understand. Many feel “better” about themselves when they identify others to whom they can feel “superior.” This is a short term fix, admittedly, because those individuals must continually attempt to find someone they believe are inferior in order to temporarily feel better about themselves. So there is not just one reason. Humans can “feel better” momentarily by identifying almost anything they “would never do!” For example:

Whatever a person’s race or culture, it is “better than” any other.

The more money one has, the “better than” those with less

Understanding technology makes one better than those who don’t

Whatever a person’s “class” it is “better than” any lower class

Classical music is “the only music there is” and anything else is depraved OR hard rock and rap “is where it’s at” and anyone who doesn’t understand or like it is crazy

Can a person become bigoted about anything? (more to come)

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