Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Brain Bigotry - Common Questions, 6

So what about the supposed rhetoric about males and females being equally valuable because they exist as members of the same species?

I suppose that would partly reflect one’s definition of “Valuable.” If you accept that means “of great worth” across the board, that would impact behaviors differently than if you perceive “great worth” is then applied only to power, ability to earn money, class, and your name it. If you are male (in any culture) and have absorbed the perspective that you are superior to all females and subconsciously or consciously exhibit put-down behaviors, it matters because this can negatively impact relationships both personal and professional. You may minimize suggestions from females or ignore them altogether or exclude them from actively participating at the table of discussion for any number of reasons; or even blame her because her “direct communication style” feels threatening to the males involved (a style that would have been applauded if she were male); or even refusing to accept direction from a female superior. So rhetoric is one thing. Exhibited behaviors is quite another—especially when the behaviors do ot reflect the rhetoric..

Are more than fear and/or self-esteem issues involved with Bigotry?  (more to come) (more to come)

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