Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

The other day an acquaintance asked me if I celebrated Mother's Day, "since yours has died." Of course I celebrate Mother's day! It give me the opportunity to consciously and deliberately reminisce about the beneficial things my mother did for me. As the years go by, it also allows me to reframe some of the less-beneficial (my brain's opinion) things that happened and let them go. In a larger picture, I also recognize with gratitude all the encouragement and assistance that I have received from other women. Yes, women generally have been socialized to compete with each other (primarily for male attention). Having said that, many women have moved beyond that and provided tips, affirmation, and links with other sources of education and collboration willingly and generously. The farther along I progress in my career, the more certain I am that success results from a complex constellation of factors--one of which is support by a village of wise, caring female brains. On Mother's Day I give thanks for my village of caring female brains and purpose to be a village member for others, as well.

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