Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

Did you grow up celebrating May Day? I did. Perhaps because I grew up in Canada. In fact, the honor of having the longest continually-observed May Day in the British Commonwealth—since 1870—is claimed by the British Columbia city of New Westminster. We typically decorated a little Maypole in our community and although reportedly fading in popularity, we also would make little paper "May baskets," fill them with candy or flowers such as lily-of-the valley. Then we'd place them anonymously on the porches of good friends, ring the door bell or bang the door knocker, and then run away as fast as we can. Somehow this seemed like an extremely fun thing to do! (Reportedly the use of lily-of-the valley goes back to King Charles IX of Franch who received this flower as a lucky charm on the first of May, 1561. There are also reports of "Queen Guinevere" going Maying.) So, regardless of whether we share a May Day history, have a wonderful day. I wonder if I can find a lily-of-the-valley just for old times sake?


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