Monday, May 6, 2013

ASE and Food Package Size

How does your brain perceive size of packaging? Studies have shown that food presented in small packages can paradoxically increase consumption. Additional studies by Jennifer J. Argo of the University of Alberta and Katherine White of the University of British Columbia have added to the research. Their research suggests that some women who are low in Appearance Self-Esteem or ASE, are very sensitive to the packaging size of food. Although small packages are sometimes said to help people regulate their food intake, women with low ASE are drawn to such packages by the illusion of control that they offer. In an experiment, undergraduate women with ASE ate more than twice as many gumdrops when the candies were presented in small packages (four to a package) instead of just being available loose in a bowl. Knowledge is power. Knowing this, you have the option of working with your brain to deemphasize the perceived control over overeating that package size provides.

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