Friday, May 10, 2013

Sexual Orientation Continuum

Based on his survey of 18,000 people, Researcher Robert Epstein believes that the terms "gay" and "straight" can be highly misleading.  "Sexual orientation actually lies on a smooth continuum, and the way people state their orientation is often a poor predictor of their true sexual behaviors and fantasies.” Studies have shown that the same continuum of scores exists in the United States and in the average of scores from a dozen other countries. Fewer than 10% of subjects scored as “pure” heterosexual or homosexual. Characterizing sexual orientation properly requires two numbers. One number reflects the person’s mean sexual orientation (e.g., the placement of the person on that continuum). The other number reflects the sexual orientation range (e.g., the amount of “choice” the person has in expressing his/her orientation, which also forms a continuum). According to Epstein, a quiz is available at the following URL:

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