Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Names and More Names

Have you paid attention to the names that have been given to offspring of the "famous," so called? If you are born in the United States, chances are good that your parents may give you any names they want—no matter how bizarre they may seem to others. If you are born in some other country, maybe not. New Zealand reportedly released an updated list of 77 unacceptable baby names (e.g., Royal, Duke, Major, Bishop, Majesty, J, Lucifer, Knight, Lady, Judge, Royale, Messiah, T, I, Queen, II, Sir, III, Jr, E, V, Justus, Master, Constable, Queen Victoria, Regal, Emperor, Christ, Justice, 3rd, C J, G, Roman numerals III, General, Saint, Lord, . [full stop], 89, Eminence, M, VI, Mafia No Fear, 2nd, Majesti, Rogue, 4real, * [star symbol], 5th, S P, C, Sargent, Honour, D, Minister, MJ, Chief, Mr, V8, President, MC, Anal, A.J, Baron, L B, H-Q, Queen V). And New Zealand isn’t the only country taking an interest in names foisted on babies. In Germany, the baby’s names must clearly indicate gender. And in Iceland, if the names are not already on the National Register of Persons, the parents must submit an application, which will be reviewed by a federal committee that ultimately rules on the application, addressing grammatical concerns along with potential effects the name will have on the child later on. In Sweden, first names are not to cause offense or discomfort for the one using it. ( has some interesting commentary.)

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