Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cortisol and Belly Fat

Is it possible to reduce belly fat? Can you do something to stop the fat-layering impact of cortisol that is released in the presence of phyhsiological and emotional stress including anxiety? Some researchers say yes. When you understand that belly fat is impacted by chronic stress then it seems almost intuitive to develope strategies to manage the chronic stress. Practicing the 20:80 Rule works well for me, as do other relaxation tools such as Brain Breathing, engaging in 10 minutes of mindfulness a couple of times a day, and getting sufficient sleep for your brain. Some people benefit from taking a stress management course. Others make time to play or listen to favorite music. Still others have learned to stop trying to control everything in life, to know your own opinions and to realize that others have different opinions and (all things being equal) that just reflects different brain perceptions rather than an absolutely "right or wrong." Getting regular physicial exercise and drinking plenty of pure water can help as well. Bottom line? The more strategies you have for reducing anxiety and emotional stressors before the adrenalin and cortisol pours out, the more likely you are to reduce the deposit of fat in abdominal cells. This is another of those instances where prevention is typically much better than cure..

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