Thursday, September 17, 2015

Abusive Relationships

Never exhibit abusive behaviors toward yourself or others or allow another person to abuse your brain and body. Possessive and controlling behaviors are not always immediately visible in a relationship, but may emerge and intensify as the relationship grows. A relationship where one adult attempts to control the other is not an equalitarian, nurturing, functional, or desirable loving relationship. Extreme jealousy, for example, may begin as an expression of intense caring that initially makes the recipient feel valued (especially if the person is very needy). It tends to morf into a pattern of behaviors designed to maintain power and control over another. Gradually the individual is prevented from spending time with family and other close friends and isolated primarily to the over-controlling person. Unfortunately, this often becomes abusive over time and can result in injury or death to the individual. High levels of EQ include the ability to deal with disagreement or conflict in a respectful manner without becoming defensive. You are able to come to a compromise or simply agree to disagree. (Be very careful to avoid defining ‘abuse’ too narrowly.) If you need more help evaluating this, check out the following link. More tomorrow.

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