Monday, September 21, 2015

Positive Mindset and Communication

Do you exhibit a consistent can-do positive mindset with a habit of positive communication with yourself as well as with others? Are you disrespectful or catty? Truthful or dishonest? Do you say thinks behind the other person’s back that you would not say carefully in front of them? Perhaps you discover that the other person is saying negative things about you to others. Does that person blame you and others for what he/she perceives is not going well? Blame is an attempt to displace personal discomfort onto another person. It never solves problems. It just encourages you to avoid taking responsibility for your part in any discord and perpetuates the problems. Do you affirm others but receiving affirmation only when you follow their script and give in to their desires? If so, take a closer look at that relationship. More tomorrow.

 Note: You may want to access the Relationship Evaluation on my website ( under Assessments on the home page.

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