Wednesday, September 16, 2015

High EQ

The Success Quotient says that 20% of your success in life is due to IQ while 80% is due to your level of EQ (Emotional Intelligence). While is it often possible to raise your IQ several points, EQ is learned and the sky is the limit for those skills. Hallmarks of low levels of EQ include a tendency to: overreact, take things personally, jump to conclusions, and create drama (often to pump adrenalin throughout your brain and body so dopamine levels rise). Spent time and energy on raising your level of EQ—which can pay huge dividends when it comes to selecting and maintain lifelong relationships. Do your ‘friends’ take advantage of you or borrow things ‘temporarily’ and forget to return them or repay you? Are you primarily the one who suggests spending time together? Do you usually pay for the meal or for the tickets? Have you fixed dinner often with no reciprocation? Do they say they would love to see more of you and yet rarely pick up on what you suggest? It’s not about keeping score; it is about realizing that turnabout is fair play. True lifetime relationships tend to be reciprocally balanced. More tomorrow.

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